Interactive Kiosks In Malaysia

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Today’s consumers are more technology educated and feel comfortable looking for information using interactive kiosks.  Interactive kiosks create a digitally immersive shopping experience due to their engaging user interaction capabilities. These interactive kiosks are equipped with the following features and services which can be implemented to suit your needs.

Commercial grade kiosks –  this is basically the interactive kiosks. Our line of smartly designed interactive digital kiosks come in many styles and configurations that are sure to meet the communication goals for many industries.

Mobility – All interactive kiosks have available casters for easy relocation.

Cellular connectivity – we utilize commercial cellular routers to ensure your connection stays up.

Installation – we supply everything you need to make the installation quick tidy and secure

Training and support – our team of specialists in our R facilities are ready to help you during project initiation

Our interactive kiosks are part of our collection of digital signage solution and all our products are manufactured via these three main processes :

1-  Design.  The design engineering team as one of the driving force, offering a comprehensive array of value-added design and engineering services needed by customers. A project discussion begins with understanding every aspect of the desired product, address all related engineering challenges such as material considerations, component selection, functionality ,testing challenges, manufacturing, stress, packaging and environmental impact,

From this understanding,  we are able to satisfy all requirements during customer product development.

2 – Manufacturing.  We offer industry-leading manufacturing services from PCB a assembly to all related in process qualitay assurance testing.  Our expertise guarantees seamless integration of product development stages with the required manufacturing process.

3- Service which encompasses the following:  Customer service,  customer and channel repair, logistics /warranty extension,  troubleshooting, system upgrades, spare parts management, and lastly documentation.

Who are we

We have been actively operating as long-term partners with HP ,IBM, Dell since 1989 . Some of our clients are the local Ministry of Trade and United Nation Development Program.

Want to know more?  Call Peter Wang at the link mentioned within the description below today we will always make ourselves to be available to share our knowledge with you

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