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Digital signage solution Malaysia


In today’s world where we are all digitally connected with each other,retail shops are competing among themselves to get shoppers loyalty , time and attention in every shopping mall . It is important for these stores to be equipped with modern and updated technologies in order for their customers to get the best service, now that online shopping is becoming more and more popular amongst shoppers. In the present and future environment, most customers have frequent interaction with technology – hence utilization of digital signage has become a very important tool for retail shop owners to standout amongst the crowd . As a business owner, you can easily increase your brand profile simply by ‘going digital’ in these shopping centres where you are located.

Digital Signage enabled customers to make effective, real-time and meaningful connection plus interaction with brand owners which in turn provides huge increase in customer loyalty compared to the increasingly obsolete and outdated traditional print advertising.
Digital Signage solutions in Malaysia is a very significant part of the retail revolution and this has been proven by the ever increasing deployment of interactive kiosks, wayfinder, LED wall etc in shopping centres all around the modern world.

Take for example, EkoCheras shopping centre which is a famous shopping mall in Malaysia which is also one of the most modern places as far as digital signage solutions deployments are concerned. You can easily see a wide spectrum of latest technologies being effectively utilized there.

We have a long history of experience in this area and have been instrumental in similar projects in Malaysian Ministry of International Trade and Industry, as well as other infrastructure projects with other prominent clients such as United Nations Development Programme in Malaysia.

These are just some of our long list of projects which we are proud to be part of. And we are very happy till today, to be able to create modern, interactive spaces that allow these places to be viewed as innovative and creative.
As a result, all these places have reported significant increase in visitors experience due to these technologically advanced solutions.

Our applications used in digital signage solutions in Malaysia have been effective in providing customers with new engaging experiences with real-time interaction and managed to embed modern forms of entertainment. EkoCheras for example has been able to move its visitors into a unique world of interactive, engaging reality.

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